Every business has a variety of hardware and solutions that make up their payment and transaction technology ecosystem, selected to fit the unique needs of your operations and the preferences of your customers.

However, it can be complex and expensive to manage a slate of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to get the proactive maintenance, system updates, and responsive service you need to maximize uptime. 

Instead, many businesses are now choosing to separate their ongoing service from the original OEMs and instead go with a partner like Burroughs. For over 130 years, Burroughs has been providing the full lifecycle of payment and transaction management solutions. This means your payment and transaction technology ecosystem can be managed from end to end, no matter the make, model, or age of your equipment—no matter where it is in the country. 

The Benefits of Separating Service from the OEM-ebook-thumbDownload our e-book, The Benefits of Separating Service from the OEM, to learn how:

  • Independent service providers are better poised to serve not only the existing needs of their customers, but also their future needs
  • Having one provider to dial with a nationwide service area also means increased cost effectiveness for your maintenance budget
  • Burroughs has longevity in the industry, meaning you have a trusted service and integration partner who will be there when you need us

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